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I have Bipolar Disorder and I was put on 50mg of Pristiq in May. It worked well for a bit. The Psych Doc increased the dose to 100mg last week. I've noticed a huge difference in my anxiety. My anxiety is near gone! I did have headaches, but I've only been on this new dose for almost a week. Oh, at times I feel a little nauseous.

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I was very apprehensive about taking yet another anti-depressant, however, I decided after much prodding from my doctor to give it a try. I suffer from moderate anxiety and depression. I was in denial about it and it took a lot (I mean a lot) of my hair coming out from stress for me to admit that I was not okay. I am a 26 year old woman- so this was a big deal to me. When I first started Pristiq I was determined not to like it. I did suffer from most of the side effects (dry mouth, never hungry, excessive sweating, jitteriness, not feeling "right", and sexual problems) but after sticking it out for about 5 weeks- the side effects really started going away. The only one that I have a problem with now is sometimes my heart will race.

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